Why be an Administrative Tweeter?


  • Twitter is a valuable avenue for developing connections with administrators from around the world.

  • Twitter provides timely, and relevant, conversation related to classroom teaching trends.

  • In a time of budget restrictions, Twitter provides a viable professional development opportunity – one that should be modeled by school administrators.

  • Because of numerous apps, for almost every imaginable device, Twitter is a ubiquitous tool.

  • Twitter hashtags (#) allow users to select an intended audience, or filter information based upon specific interests.

"If principals spend time researching best practices and take quality time to have conversations with teachers about teaching and learning, they will be able to have a positive impact on the buildings they serve."

~The Power of the Principal, Education Week May 28, 2012


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The importance of your profile

  • Use a photo
  • 160 characters
  • description gives you credibility in your field
  • improves chances of being replied to when you have a question
  • improves chances of people including you in discussions related to your field

#Hashtags group subjects. Use them to place your tweets in a category where interested people will see them. Search using them to find discussions around that category. Our hashtag is #CUSD304.

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How to get the most out of Hash Tags

What is a Twitter Chat?

List of Twitter Chats
#CPCchat (Connected Principals)
#satchat 6:30 Saturday morning principals

Edudemic A-Z List Hash Tags

#CUSD304 to group things people in our organization might find interesting

@ is the prefix to someone or some organization

Use it to follow someone, alert someone to something or indicate yourself.

RT @donnaroman You might like this article about how Twitter is changing the world
http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2050032,00.html #cusd304

Suggestions to follow on Twitter


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DM (Direct message) sends a private message to that person

This is found under the person icon on the top right hand side

DM @donnaroman we're all meeting at Little Owl after the meeting.

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