Why be a Teacher Tweeter?

  • Twitter is a valuable tool for developing connections with teacher from around the world.
  • Twitter provides timely, and relevant, conversation related to classroom teaching trends.
  • Twitter provides lesson plan ideas
  • Twitter provides support for you
  • Twitter provides a personal professional development opportunity
  • Because of numerous apps for almost every device, Twitter is a ubiquitous tool.
  • Twitter hashtags (#) allow users to select an intended audience, or filter information based upon specific interests.

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The importance of your profile

  • Use a photo
  • 160 characters
  • description gives you credibility in your field
  • improves chances of being replied to when you have a question
  • improves chances of people including you in discussions related to your field

#Hashtags group subjects. Use them to place your tweets in a category where interested people will see them. Search using them to find discussions around that category. Our hashtag is #CUSD304.

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How to get the most out of Hashtags #

What is a Twitter Chat?


List of Twitter Chats

Basic Education Hashtags

#kinderchat , #earlyed Kinderchat website

#1stchat 1st Grade Chat website

#2ndchat 2nd Grade Chat Website

#3rdchat 3rd Grade Chat website

#4thchat 4th Grade Chat Website

#5thchat 5th Grade Chat Website

#gtchat (gifted and talented) A/E Chat Website http://paper.li/tag/gtchat

#musedchat , #edmusic , #MPLN , #mused #musedchat website http://musicpln.org/pln-posts/landing/
#Physed (PE) PE Twitter Video @JoeyFeith
#artsed , #arted (arts education) Art Teachers to Follow Art Education daily paper
#libchat (library) Library Chat Website
#spedchat , #sped Special Ed Chat Website Education Teachers
#ntchat (new Teacher) New Teachers Chat Website
#slpchat (speech and language) Speech and Language Twitter Website
#schoolcounseling Twitter for School Counselors


Other Education Chats

#elemchat http://elemchat.wikispaces.com/#edchat http://edchat.pbworks.com/w/page/219908/FrontPage#eltchat http://eltchat.com/welcome-to-eltchat/#sschat#scichat

List of Education Twitter Chats
Edudemic A-Z List Hash Tags

#CUSD304 to group things people in our organization might find interesting


@ is the prefix to someone or some organization

Use it to follow someone, alert someone to something or indicate yourself.

RT @gpetmezas You might like this article about how Twitter is changing the world
http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2050032,00.html #cusd304

Suggestions to follow on Twitter

Start by following people on your #chats


Use the favorite star to save things you want to refer back to.


DM (Direct message) sends a private message to that person

This is found under the person icon on the top right hand side

DM @donnaroman we're all meeting at Little Owl after the meeting.

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More Resources

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