Step 5: Choice

Optional challenge:

1. Look for ways to incorporate choice in an upcoming project in your classroom

Discussion questions for meeting:

1. What are the reasons for giving students choice in their learning?
2. What are the characteristics of teachers in the choice-rich environment?
3. Reviewing Ewan McIntosh's Seven Spaces of Learning, what types of spaces are underrepresented in your school?
4. How does administration affect the choices teachers are able to give to students in their classrooms?

"Choice is important because it is part of what human beings want to do, the inherent freedom that we want to determine something in our lives, whether it is the color of our shoes or the book on our nightstand."
~Flattening Classrooms pg. 159

The skill of making a choice has to be practiced from a young age. So often for children, choices are not even shown to them out of habit or efficiency. After time, choices are invisible and personal power is lessened.

We have to truly know and understand the choices we have available to us in order to know our own power.